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Quality Boiler Repair and Services in Houston, Texas

Trust the boiler repair services provided by our fabrication and welding company in Houston, Texas, to improve the way your boiler works. Lobo Industrial Services LLC does everything it takes to get your boiler back into tip-top shape. We are National BIC Board "R" licensed professionals, which allows us to perform repairs on boilers and pressure containing vessels. Additionally, we are ASME code "U" and "S" licensed, which allows us to fabricate new vessels for your business.

Emergency Boiler Maintenance

When your boiler isn't working the way it should, it could cause you a lot of troubles and headaches. The team at our fabrication and welding company are always ready to answer any emergency calls you might have. Boilers are an integral part for refineries, power plants, and chemical plants and when they don't work you lose production. We provide complete boiler repair and replacement services for your boiler tubes when you need it.

Skilled Professionals

Handling any shut down or turnaround situation inside of your plant is no issue for our skilled personnel. In our industry it is hard to find skilled people, but our company has as many as 180 qualified employees ready to help you with any heat exchanger or boiler repair services you require. From piping and structural work to heat exchangers and boilers, we are ready to assist you with our services.

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